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Tujuh Sembilan is an IT company which provides skillfull talents as IT service for our customers. Founded in 2010, we are commited to develop and upgrade human resources with specific skills and knowledge, from potential to become excellent people who is ready to compete in IT industry to help you meet your IT business objective.


Develop People to be Excellent Talent with Incremental and Iterative way, Quality and Equality, Meritocracy, Make All Parties Happy, Say No to Corruption.


Our vision is to become the largest of IT human resources and outsourcing provider in Indonesia at 2025


Providing professional, high quality, reliable and efficient Software Solutions while maintaining the ease and simplicity of usage to all of our costumers.


We believe every customers are important, you are matter to us. So is your problems. We are willing to help you sincerely to solve your problems. We provide IT services for your solution as you need to achieve your business objective.

Onsite Placement

We offer you qualified IT talents who have deep knowledge in their respective field such as Software Developer, System Analyst, Tester and so on. We have 100+ talents ready and eager to help you in your projects.

Software Project

We know how important the software you want to build and how much it means to you. Using the latest and sophisticated technologies to build the system and spirit to never give up, we will become great value in your project and satisfy your need.


We offer a service where you can acquire our talents as your labor. It will give advantages to both of you and IT talents, where you will be able to get the talent you want and give the talents chance on their career.


Our mission is to develop and building our talents capability to compete in the IT industry. This program serves for this purpose. Young talents will be given hard skills and soft skills for 3 months program. The goal is for the talents to be ready in IT projects.


We offer you an IT training program. The participants will be given hard skills or soft skills in a period of time. Like Bootcamp but it usually takes days or less than a month to complete the program. The main purpose of the program is to enhance specific IT skills you need.

Our Technologies

As IT service providers, we always update our expertise with sophisticated technologies in purpose to help the customers meet their demands of software development.

Cross Platform Hybrid


Mobile Apps Development


Mobile Framework

Android Native
Android Native
React Native
React Native

Programming Language


Web Framework

Springboot JPA Hibernate
Springboot JPA Hibernate

Get your experience with us and feel the vibe.

Why Staff Augmentation

The way to help you to find a talent and meet changing demand in agile environment quickly at low cost

Easy to Find a Talent Quickly
  • You just need to define the required skill set and we'll provide them for you.
  • The talents will fill any of the existing gaps you face and help your team complete the project.
  • Allows you to reduce the training and development efforts to bring them up to speed with the project.
Reduce Recruitment Time
  • All the recruitment processes are all done by us, from job listing, interviewing, vetting and recruiting candidates.
  • Allows you to lower the time on recruitment process thus reduce the number of recruitment cost.
  • Typical recruitment will need months to its completion, but in this case it will be done in just matter of days.
Reduce Operational Cost
  • Allows you to reduce the operational costs since the hired talent will be paid only for project-basis.
  • Avoiding payment like full time-wages when project is not underway, insurance and other perks get eliminated.
  • This bring down your associated operational cost as well.
Full Control Over the Project
  • Since it will be conducted in-house, you can monitor and control all aspects of the projects.
  • Easier to manage the final outcome and quality of the project.
  • Make it quite beneficial for the project on a long-term basic.
Flexible on Scalability
  • Staff augmentation model facilitates the scalability in your team.
  • It's easier to augment your staff when project demands it, rather than having lay off the full time employees when the project is done.
  • Well received by the existing employees and often leads to healthier work culture.

Why Choose Us

As IT talent provider, we believe our values will help you significantly to reach your business objective

Reliable Talent
  • We provide reliable IT talent in each respective field ready to be involved in IT projects.
  • You can choose any of our talents according to your standard.
  • We also provide replacement for the talent who does not perform well in the project as long as there is an available talent.
Hireable Talent
  • We are aware that talented resource is a critical matter in the competitive agile environment.
  • We understand of client needs to recruit a talent as their labor efficiently to face such phenomenon.
  • We allow you to hire our talent to be your labor.
Talent Support
  • We provide support for the talent during the onsite process
  • We are aware of some problems could occur on the talent during the onsite process
  • We have a team to handle those problems gradually by remote support, training outside regular hours or onsite assistance for the talent
Human Capital
Years Experiences

Our Portfolio



Passion will lead us to what will become. Align with our mission to develop human resource, we provide a great opportunity for your career to grow rapidly. We are frequently on the lookout for new talent!

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