Project Management


Perform detailed and thorough planning with representative and visible scheduling that reflects the needs during the project which include the following:

  • project objectives
  • deliverables & due date
  • project schedule
  • roles & responsibilities
  • project budget

Daily Progress Report

Provide daily reports for the stakeholders related to the achievement of project progress daily via formal and non-formal media communication platforms for example using email (formal) and WhatsApp (non-formal).


Conducting an internal review to ensure the project meets with a predefined plan on its schedule and task/assignment.

  • Schedule Review
    Review the schedule to know whether it is on schedule, delayed or advanced.
  • Task or Assignment Review
    Review the task or assignment to understand whether it meets with expected requirement.

Risk and Issue Management

Managing the risks and issues that arise in the project with the following steps:

  • Risk or issue identification
  • Determine the effect
  • Determine the priority
  • Tracking the risk or issue