What is re-engineering?

Re-engineering is a process of rebuilding existing applications to add functionality, improve performance, reliability, and maintainability.

The main purpose of this process is to update the software by creating a new better version to support the needs and updated with the latest sophisticated technology.

How do we implement re-engineering?

1Preparing and Analysis
  • Collects the documents for the analysis phase.
  • Collects the Data(s) for developing & testing phase.
  • Preparing project plan & schedule.
  • Business analysis
  • Create mockup
  • Design Requirement (DR)
  • Internal review of DR
  • External review of DR
  • Revise the document (if any)
  • Developing the requirements based on DR document
4Internal & External Testing
  • Create Functional Test Script
  • Execution Functional Test Script
  • Create a Test Coverage Matrix (TCM) for Integration Test
  • Execution Scenario based on TCM
  • User Training Plan & User Guide
  • System Maintenance Guideline
  • Execution User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Deployment Apps During UAT Phase
  • Deployment Apps During Trial Phase
  • Deployment Apps During Go-live Phase
  • Cutover Sign-Off

What will we deliver?

  • Design & Analysis: Layout & User scenario
  • Programming: Code, Executable Program
  • Unit Testing: Summary of Unit Testing Plan & Results
  • System Integration Test (SIT): SIT Scenario, SIT execution, Summary of SIT Incidents
  • User Acceptance Test: Summary of UAT Incidents
  • Preparation of Go Live: Installation/Deployment Guide Documents, User Manual Documents